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Volunteers Needed

Can we talk? I am sure you have a lot of questions and I understand that.  I have a lot of answer.  Let me just touch on one item of interest to us for sure and many you too.  I am talking about VOLUNTEERS !

As you should know taking in horses requires a lot of work and time and of course money. Right now we are limited to taking in only 5 at a time because we are limited on resources to care for them.  Mainly manual labor is needed. We can only do so much, we need help. Help in maintaining them, bringing them back to health is a full time job.  We need volunteers to help with grooming, stall cleaning, and exercising them.

I am asking you to look into your heart and see if you have room to give a helping hand.  We are looking for volunteers that are willing to give us at least  two or three days a month.  We are willing to work around your time frame as much as possible.  If you are interested in working with horses and learning how to care for them then this is the place. Our only requirement is that you are at least 14 years old to work in the barn. We are willing to train you to handle the horses along with grooming and riding them.   You can request an application by emailing us!  It will be an easy fill in application that you can sent right back to us.


We started rescuing horses in 1999. Because of the economy we took a sabbatical for the last three years. Still caring for the horses we had but a break from taking in new horses.  Well the good news is we are back, but are limited on the number of horses we can provide proper care for. Not to mention finding good home they can become part of.   Nothing pleases the heart more than fitting that horse and family together for a full life of happiness.  We are happy to be back in business of rescuing horses in need,