Hugs has been rescuing horses for the last 18 years. We did take a two year leave of absence, not from rescuing for we have always had our ranch open to what was already there, but to taking in any new ones.  We have decided to open our doors beginning in 2018 again to take on what we can. We want to make sure that any that do come in get the care and attention they need while here. With the loss of good volunteers and so many people not being financially able to adopt and care for a horse it has been a struggle for us when the number of horses rise to an uncontrollable about.

Welcome back to our facility and we hope that now is the time you like us are willing to step up and give it a shot again, be it adopting or volunteering to care for the ones that will be calling it home here on the ranch.


With the new year coming please return to our site so that you can keep updated with when and how to volunteer. Without good volunteers that are willing help out we are very  limited to what we can offer. We have the space, the facility, and the heart to do out share. We will be working on bringing in the funds to pay for the horses needs, such as FEED, MEDICAL CARE, SUPPLIES, TRANSPORTATION and so much more.  The good news is that we have on our own personal horses been able to upgrade our horse trailer to a new living quarters 4 horse slant. This allows us to donate our 3 year old …3 horse slant to the designated use of Hugs horses only. Yahoo!


You will also find us back at some of the local expos once again. We are coming back with both hands open to do our very best for the horses that are being over looked  when rightfully they should never be.


The HUGS Team