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    Offering an Alternative to Abuse, Neglect, and Abandonment of Unwanted Horses.

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Hugs2Horses Rescue Center

We have decided to keep it simple and limited to just some bare facts and maybe an update or two along the way. We want to show you where our heart is and hope that yours will not be too far behind when it comes to helping a horse in need. I could promise you all sort of information but the truth is that in todays economy the cost of keeping a horse is getting the raw deal. If we were a dog or cat shelter we would have such an easier time, but we have followed our hearts and it is what it is. We are located in Fowlerville Michigan. We house anywhere from 8 to 20 horses at a time. We take in horses that have been abused or abandoned and offer them a sanctuary to live out their lives in a peaceful enviroment with hopes of finding a forever home for the ones that can still be an active family member. 

Now take a look around and if you have any questions feel free to contact us through our contact form.

About Us

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Plenty of Room

To Roam and Socialize with Others

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Lush Fields

Quality Feed and Care

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Home is where the Heart is

We offer Sanctuary for the needy

Our Management Team

Our base is a family owned operation that has reached out through the years to others. In the process we have
placed over 1200 horses and ponies in good home. We have also housed several that could not be relocated for
health reasons.

It's not about what you do always but how you do it. It's takes a combination of both along with a lot of people to run and manage this facility. Starting from the permanent staff to all the volunteers that come though here. Our horses are cared for as if they were the cream of the crop and in most cases they become just that. We have many DIAMONDS in the rough waiting for the right family to come along and see their potential. Why not take a chance and become part of the elite group that wants to help the horses that come through HUGS.
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FYI we managed to get through the winter....and are well on our way to a good hay crop for summer and next winter. I will keep you updated as the year goes along to let you know what we might be in need of come winter. Our field did produce enough hay to feed all the horses that are housed here. We will do our best but a helping hand is always a blessing. As you can see we are way down on the scale of finding good loving homes for the horses in need.
  •  Hay  73%
  • Grain and Supplements 75%
  • Shelters 72%
  • Loving Homes 35%

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